Services Offered

DMIS provides in-home energy efficiency analysis, installation, full service customer relations and program design for utilities.  We are in the home every day, and weknow first-hand what works for consumers.  Our fully-licensed in-home professionals have the extpertise to quickly identify low-cost, high-yield opportunities to help homeowners save kilowatt hours and therms.


Performance Audits
» Residential home performance audits
» Commercial performance audits and whole system analysis
Whole System Water
» Commercial whole system water analysis
» Water heating efficiency analysis and retrofit
» Waste water analysis and optimization
» On-demand recirculation and water waste reduction
Solar Programs
» Solar-thermal water heating
» Solar PV systems
Instant Savings Measures
» CFL installation
» Low flow showerheads
» Aerators
» Thermostats
Larger Savings Measures
» Super efficient water heating and HVAC
» Single source super efficient hydronic systems
» Envelope and shell retrofits
» Heat pumps and heat pump water heaters
Program Design and Support Services
» Energy savings measure marketing support
» In-field marketing testing
» Product field testing and comparisons









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