Sample Programs

DMIS has been contracted by SunRun to identify consumers that are qualified for low upfront solar, to help design solar systems appropriate for the consumer and to educate consumers on the potential for solar in their home.  We provide outsourced sales support seeking opportunities for customers who are uniquely qualified for low cost, fast payback or high ROI solar power.
While we have helped with numerous projects with PSE over the years, our most recent efforts have focused on fuel switching for various types of heating equipment. The marginal cost of electricity in the Puget Sound region is increasing and to avoid investing in potentially dirtier sources of electricity, PSE has been actively seeking to convert electric appliance heating and water heating to gas heating. Gas heating is significantly more efficient when a) electricity generation and transport efficiency is taken into account, b) high efficiency gas equipment is used. In 2009 and 2010 we received the Energy Efficiency Action Award from PSE for our efforts.
We have partnered with the Food Service Technology Center, a division of PG&E, to pioneer whole water system analysis and energy savings for the restaurant sector. We are currently working on a demonstration project that will take into account waste water costs, heating costs and overall energy usage in retrofitting high volume restaurants with more efficient water distribution systems.
We have partnered with the ETO on a variety of projects including a push to install high efficiency showerheads and aerators in residences throughout Oregon. In a very short period of time, we helped ETO increase the number of savings measures it was able to confirm and claim by over 100%.
NW Nat
We have partnered with Northwest Natural to help upgrade consumers to Energy Star water heating equipment throughout Oregon and helped organize an effort to over 500,000 homes.
We currently partner with The Home Depot in helping to deliver and install ultra-efficient tankless water heaters as well as solar systems.



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