About Us

Demand Management Installation Services (DMIS) works with utilities and other groups to develop energy-saving programs that really work. We have a proven track record of delivering large scale therm and kWh savings that help energy providers reach their claimable savings targets quickly and efficiently.

We cross-market energy efficiency measures through our existing customer base. This approach allows us to target 25,000 unique residential customers each year and 15,000 commercial accounts with savings measures that match the priorities of each provider. Our integrated approach makes it easy for us to deliver a significant portion of a utility company’s target therm and kWh savings while minimizing delivery cost and overhead.

We hold all relevant trade licenses and are BPI certified. Since 2001, we have helped consumers and utilities save over 2 million therms and over 25 million kWh through energy efficiency retrofits and instant savings measures.

DMIS understand that when consumers win, utilities win.  That's why we prioritize high participation rates when working with utilities to design programs that promote water and energy efficiency.  We have a well-deserved reputation of handling customer concerns quickly and efficiently.  Whether it's reducing water use, using energy saving appliances, going solar or simply making the switch to CFL's, DMIS helps consumers find the right efficiency opportunities for them.

DMIS is a division of Fast Water Heater Company and has helped design and implement demand management programs for Northwest Natural Gas, Portland General Electric, The Energy Trust of Oregon, Puget Sound Energy and the Food Service Technology Center. Through its related entities the company services 25,000 in-home consultations across the West Coast each year, and 15,000 light commercial accounts. The company has received numerous awards including the Energy Action Award from Puget Sound Energy in 2009 and 2010. Founded in 1986, we have saved consumers and utility company managers over 2 million therms in the last decade alone.


When we opened our doors in 1986, our core business was simple: we installed water heaters.  Our company began in Seattle, WA but steadily grew to service all of Washington, Oregon and California. 

Our first focused energy savings project was in 2002 when we began marketing and installing setback thermostats for Puget Sound Energy to all of our existing customers.  Over the years, as we’ve grown, we expanded our services to include everything from duct testing and CFL installation to installing single source super high efficiency water-hydronic heating systems and solar systems and even commercial whole system analysis and retrofits.  Our current partners include Northwest Natural, Portland General Electric, the Energy Trust of Oregon and Pacific Gas & Electric (through its Food Service Technology Center division). 

We know how to help utilities fast-track energy savings goals.  We partner with several large big box retailers in installation services, and have developed compliance and verification processes that are well-suited to helping utility companies reach savings goals.  Our in-home presence makes it easy for us to deliver savings measures efficiently to our existing customer base.



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