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DMIS provides in-home energy efficiency analysis, installation, full service customer relations and program design for utilities.

Demand Management Installation Services works with utilities and other groups to deliver large scale, cost-effective therm and kWh hour savings.  DMIS conducts 25,000 unique customer visits each year, which gives our in-home experts a chance to quickly identify efficient opportunities for homeowners to save money and energy.  The programs we’ve been involved with have a track record of high customer adoption rates and yield significant energy and water savings. Contact us at (425) 636-7080 or info@dmi-serv.com.


Residential home performance audits.

Commercial performance audits and whole system analysis.
Commercial whole system water analysis.

Water heating efficiency analysis and retrofit.

Waste water analysis and optimization.

On-demand recirculation and water waste reduction.
CFL installation.

Low flow showerheads.


Super efficient water heating and HVAC.

Single source super efficient hydronic systems.

Envelope and shell retrofits.

Heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.
Solar-thermal water heating.

Solar PV systems.
Energy savings measure marketing support.

In-field marketing testing.

Product field testing and comparisons.



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